About me

About me

My name is Hermina, I started painting as a child and have continued to paint without stopping ever since!

I love to paint pet portraits, flowers and landscapes,etc

I use different mediums and techniques:

  • Watercolour on paper – for small paintings, greeting cards and wedding invitations.
  • Acrylic and oil colours for paintings on canvas.
  • Tempera and acrylic for painting on wood for my handmade jewellery, Christmas decorations and jewellery boxes.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study art painting with the well-known Romanian contemporary artist, Lucian Cioata.

For 15 years I had a successful career as a graphic artist for Abadjian Collection, where I learnt the beautiful art of designing the patterns for Abadjian’s hand-knotted carpets. I combined classical styles with the original approach of Berdj Abadjian, a legendary expert and manufacturer of antique carpets.

Finishing this beautiful experience in 2008, I started my own self-employed art business focusing on paintings, handmade invitations and greeting cards.

Since March 2013, I have continued this work in the UK, where I started paintedcards.co.uk , originally concentrating on wedding invitations and greeting cards.


Using my previous experience as a graphic artist, I combine my knowledge of digital design and print with my artistic skills to create bespoke wedding invitations for many happy clients:


Now Herminart.uk offers you a range of original painted art and custom gifts for you and your friends, all made with passion and love for art.

Herminart.uk offers:

  • bespoke and personalised pet portraits and landscape canvas painting for any tastes.
  • Paintings on different media and using different techniques
  • hand painted and personalised wedding invitation and other happy occasions.
  • personalised and original painted Anniversaries cards, Birthday cards, Mother’s day cards, Father”s day cards, Nee home cards, Christmas cards, Valentines day cards and any other occasions that you want to celebrate.
  • a range of hand painted Chrismas gifts, funny and original Chrismas cards, personalised Christmas tree decorations and front door signs.
  • hand painted personalised t-shirt for children and adults but also hand painted original jewellery.
  • hand painted small decorations for your garden and house.

Explore my page and you will find what you need for an original and personalised gift for your loved ones.
Thank you!


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