Landscape and Seascape paintings

This gallery have some of my older landscape paintings. If you would like a bespoke piece of artwork to remind you of a special experience or as a gift for your friends you can order now.

Prices are starting from £35 for A5

How to commission a landscape or a seascape painting:

  • contact Hermina to discuss what you would like her to paint/draw
  • we discuss what size, colour or shade do you want for your commissined,also the painting subject, materials, size and the space where you want to site the art work
  • If you have a photo that you like you can send over to, to agree on which one is the best
  • a 50% advace deposit of the fee is required to start the art work
  • you will be updated of the work progress and notified when the painting is ready, by receiving a photo of the finished artwork.
  • After transfering the remaining fee and shipping cost the painting will be posted to you.

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